Bat Removal Service

Removing bats from your attic can be done humanely with permanent results. It is an easy do-it-yourself project. If possible, a professional with a Humane Certification like a raccoon removal Denver company can be called. If it is not possible to get a professional a simple guide can help you find the best most humane safest plan to rid your home of these uninvited guest permanently; all with a no-kill approach.

Bats in attic

First, let’s talk about these amazing little animals. The bat eats an incredible amount of insects every night. There are forty-five species of bats in the United States. The three most common species are the Brazilian, also known as the Mexican Free Tail, the Large Brown Bat, and the Small Brown bat.

Bats hibernate in colder weather. In warmer zones, they may remain active all winter. They hunt insects with a form of sonar. They can be seen climbing upward and diving back down when an insect is located. They eat an astounding amount of night insects, like mosquitoes. This is the major reason bats are considered beneficial to humans.

Many of us look upon the bat as a flying rodent; however, this is not true. It is more closely akin to the shrew. Rodents chew to keep their ever-growing front teeth wore down. Bats teeth do not grow continuously. Thus, they have no need to chew your wood and wiring in your home. They do present a danger, but we will get to that a little later.

bats in attic

One fun fact about bats is they live mostly segregated lives. The guys, male bats, live in the forest while the females like caves and yes, your attic. The sexes do not colonize together. Caves and attics or even barns give the females a safe place to raise their pups from the prying eyes of predators. The females are busy raising their single pup from late April to the end of August. The pup was conceived the previous fall. The fertilized egg is held in dormancy until late winter or early spring.

April through August is referred to as the Maternity Phase. Never attempt to rid your home of these animals during the maternity phase. A lot of juvenile bats would perish and cause even more trouble for the homeowner. Colonies can reach into the hundreds. That many dead could cause serious health problems for the human occupants and cause a lot of damage to the colony of bats as well. You can only imagine the horrible smell you will unleash in your home.