Bats and Human Interaction

Are bats dangerous?

We have all seen the vampire movies where the vampire turns into a screeching bat. Although there is a species of bat known as the vampire bat, it is not a North American species. It is also true bats can carry the rabies virus. However, they are not known as a top carrier of the disease. Of course, anyone bitten or scratched by a wild animal should seek professional medical advice. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Bats are not an aggressive animal. Their main defense is to stay hidden or fly away. They do present a danger in the home. The danger is not the bats, but their waste. Because bats eat such a large amount of insects, they produce a lot of waste. A single bat can drop twenty pellets of guano, feces, per day. This waste product can get very odorous but the jeopardy comes from a fungus that grows on the guano. Histoplasmosis Capsulation is the greatest danger from a bat colony to human health.

The fungus that grows on the guano sends out spores that can become airborne resulting in a flu-like disease that starts in the lungs and can spread to other organs. The damage is permanent. It is especially dangerous for the elderly and the young. People with an immune disease are also at risk.

Guano is also a hazard to your home itself, as such, you should contact a Denver bat removal professional to assist you in getting rid of bats & their waste matter. The urine and feces from bats are corrosive to wood. This can make for some costly repair work. A colony of bats can quickly cover an area in mounds of guano.

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On the flip side, bat guano is highly prized as a fertilizer. It is very high in phosphate and potassium. If a large clean up is needed, saving the guano to sell can offset the cost of removal a little. Nowadays a homeowner needs all the help they can get. If you are a person with a green thumb and have a vegetable garden you can use the guano yourself to reduce fertilizer cost. Using organic fertilizer is much more desirable than using petroleum based fertilizers. Growing some eye-popping veggies that your family will love and reducing the grocery bill will also offset the cost of humanely removing bats from your home.