Clean up

Now that your home is yours again, it is time to clean up after your guest. This is an important step in a bat removal strategy. Remember the fungus that grows on guano is the real threat to human and home. The most important article you need at this point is a well made and tight fitting air filtering mask. Never enter a basement or attic filled with guano without this critical piece of equipment.

bat guano

After you have acquired the mask a fireplace shovel and bucket are your best bet on removing the guano. Sweeping and or vacuuming are not suggested at this point. It could release fungal spores into the air. A plastic bucket with a sealing lid is a good idea if you intend on using the guano in your garden or selling it. If you do not think you will need the guano, call your local waste removal company or city trash collectors to inquire on the proper way to dispose of the waste.

After the largest portion of the guano is removed, purchase an organic anti-fungal spray. Spray the area completely following the instructions on the container. After giving the spray it’s suggested time frame to work, then you can sweep up or vacuum anything that may have fallen through the cracks. Do not forget your mask. Make sure the rest of the home is protected from any air seepage. Then repeat the organic anti-fungal spray and relax.

Sometimes a bat will get into your living space. If you know you have a colony in the home, seal any holes or cracks leading from walls or under doorways.

If you do not have a colony in your house, you may have an explorer looking for a place to start a colony. The best way to catch a bat in the home is in a large bowl and a piece of firm paper. Place the bowl over the bat and carefully slide the paper between the surface and the bowl. Remember these are fragile animals. Wear a thick pair of gloves and thick sleeves for your protection.

bat guano clean up

The exclusion technique meets every expectation of the conscientious homeowner. The invasion of a home is permanently stopped without dangerous poisons. Poisons have the capacity to affect pets and children. Animals that suffer and die because of poisons can be eaten by other animals, creating a chain of death and misery. It can also have a poor effect in getting rid of the unwanted home invader. In the case of bats, it is illegal to kill the animals.

The exclusion path works well for other wildlife that finds your home simply irresistible too.

Once I had a raccoon living behind the wall next to my fireplace. I quickly found the entrance. At dusk, I pulled up a lawn chair and waited for the raccoon to leave on its rounds to seek for food. Sure enough, the little-masked bandit made her way out. Feeling like the clever human I thought I was, I immediately sealed the hole. The next morning my coffee and newspaper time was interrupted by the sounds of movement behind the wall.

raccoon in atticThinking I was dealing with a very clever bandit indeed, I went outside to check my patchwork. It was in place. I checked every possible entry point from basement to chimney top. Standing on my roof the truth slowly seeped into my brain. The truth, and a life lesson. I had just separated a mother from her babies!

Lucky for me, and three innocent young raccoons, I knew a retired Park Ranger who spent a large portion of his life taking care of wild babies. I learned that day to know what animal you are dealing with, and the most important thing to know is the maternity phase of that animal.