Pest Control Tips

Wrap it up!

The best defense against wildlife invasions into your home is, do not allow a way inside. Sealing a home against bats, raccoons, or opossum is a front line defense that works well. If you have a chimney make sure the top is covered with a 1/16 of an inch metal mesh. Make sure all the screens and meshes on your home are rust and hole free. Caulk any small holes around the roof lines. Check the foundation of the home for cracks or holes. If you find a hole or crack, caulk it. Poisons and repellents are neither desirable or effective. In some instances, it can be illegal. So wrap that house up!


If an invasion is already a problem, then exclusion is the right and humane approach to getting your home back. Just remember to know the animal in question. What do they eat? When do they sleep? When are they caring for young?

If you do decide to call a professional like a Denver raccoon removal company to handle your wildlife problem there are some things you still need to do.

Check to see if the company has any Humane Certification. Some States offer this certification. There are also wildlife conservation groups that offer Humane Certification. Call a wildlife group to see if they recommend a company that is certified. This is important to make sure the company has training in humane no kill practices.

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Ask if you can speak to other clients the company has served. Are they satisfied with the companies humane approach? Were they conscious of the animals maternity phase? Do they offer organic environmentally safe cleanup? Do they release the animals in a safe natural environment? It would be a waste of time to go through all the humane steps if the animals are released in a stressful new home.

After all is said and done some animals just do not make great roommates. There are good people and companies that have a humane attitude with a zero kill policy that is willing to help you and your unwanted guest move on with your lives.